Artist Statement

I was born to be an artist and I am driven by fire.

Art is for enlightenment, for unleashing liberation of new life and diversity.

My creative process is primarily intuitive– I paint from observation, my imagination, from the trees, from the core of the earth– straight from my belly to the stars. 

I flesh out my paintings from skeleton sketches in bursts of rich, mysterious creative effulgence. 

I grow from each new artwork, stretch ideas to the farthest point and to the highest heights. I breathe life into worlds where free spirits reign. 

The painting becomes a unique personality and genre of its own and takes us by the hand on an epic trip.

The paint itself instructs me. My paintbrush is many kinds of brushes in one:

a mighty grooming, polishing, flying, cleaning, unearthing, grand supersonic sweeping brush… 

Collaborations are an important part of my art, especially music and art projects.  

Working with me is based on building a foundation of trust and mutual artistic inspiration. 

We must travel through the unknown with courage and confidence in order to discover the beautiful new reality that awaits us. 


Artist Bio

Dorothy Skutezky specializes primarily in impressionist oil painting of diverse themes: people, landscapes, music, favourite Montreal neighbourhoods and dazzling new worlds.

She earned her Fine Arts Degree from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dorothy travels the universe, keeping a base rooted in her native hometown of Montreal, Canada.